Friday, August 8, 2008

Saturday Market Group and RavOlympics

Last Saturday I hung out with the lovely ladies that sell their wares at the Saturday Market in downtown Peoria on Saturdays. I had a great time working on my sock until I messed up a loop (and have yet to frog back and fix it). While hanging out, a lady came and invited them to be a vendor at the Blue's Festival on August 30th. They happily accepted then even asked me if I wanted to join in! I think it would be interesting to see if anyone would actually buy something I made as well as it being just plain fun to hang out with them for the day and enjoy the festival. I've decided to create dishcloths in sets of three and just see how it goes. Should be fun!

I've signed up for the WIP wresting for the RavOlympics with my "Good Ol' Cabled Scarf" that's been on hold for months. I have 17 days to finish it which will be hard since I'm out of town these next two weekends. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Lace Knitting

I'm learning how to work in lace right now and it's not going so great. The lacing itself isn't so bad, but I think that the pattern shouldn't have been categorized under lace in the 101 Designer One Skein Wonders because it looks terrible so far. I've worked eight out of the seventeen repeats and it's yet to look like more than a lacy blob. I'm hoping that blocking will fix this problem so we'll see. The other projects recorded in Ravelry used DK weight or fingering weight yarn and looked really good. If anyone knows anything about lace work, please contact me and let me know what you know about if I'm making this scarf right or not. Here's a link to my project: Scarf

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random Acts of Kindess

I think I'm addicted to this group. I just love reading everyone's wishlist in hopes that something will come up that I can help out with. I was perusing the lists today when I realized an amazing thing. I was given a Christmas gift from my Uncle which was a gift card to which is totally awesome. As I was looking through the lists I noticed many people who wanted books so I thought I'd grant some wishes and spend some of my gift money on them because I know books are hard to come by and I think it would be great to make a handful of people's days. So, I contacted some people and have already organized three so far and waiting for five more. One is even a surprise and doesn't know she's getting a book!

I'm very excited about the things I'm getting in the mail too. There's some circs on their way, some beads, some embroidery floss, and even some tea from a nice guy from Pennsylvania! I hope I will be able to continue giving gifts for as long as possible.

In other totally random news, I have a lead on a job finally! I've applied to Pearl a few weeks ago and applied to some company through Manpower today and have a printed application to fill out for SYSCO as well. It's been almost three months since I lost my job so I really hope one of these will be it (and very soon!).

In more knitting news, I've ordered my yarn for my rogue hoodie. I also went to Michaels to pick up some yarn for fingerless gloves and for the dice bag for my lovely boyfriend Jeremy. I'm struggling to get through the cable scarf for my sis because it's kinda boring after a while. I'm pushing through it by working on it while my boyfriend and his friends work hours on their engineering homework.

I also realized that I messed up my first crochet project pretty bad by accidentally stitching slip stitches instead of single crochet stitches. So that's why my bag is half it's size! I'm going to continue the bag anyway because it looks pretty neat and is the perfect size for carrying one project somewhere.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bella's Birthday Party

Bella's Birthday party was this past Saturday. She had tons of gifts from everyone and a huge cake with princesses on them. She was the life of the party by walking around and clapping to make all the grownups laugh and clap too. The pizza was pretty good and overall we had a wonderful time celebrating her first year of life.

I bring up this event because this is when Tara and Jimmy (parents) would be given the baby hat I made last week. I was so nervous that they'd hate it or something. When they opened the gift Gladys (grandma and Jeremy's mom) put it on her head but she had hair clips in. Apparently Bella hates hats and started pulling it off which wouldn't have mattered except that when she did, it snagged on one of the barrettes and pulled the string out about 3-4". I was horrified at first because it took so much work to create the hat and now it's ruined but when I had a closer look I saw that it was fixable.

Later that night I took my smalled crochet hook and slowly pulled back each stitch until it looked as good as I could get it. You could still see a line if you knew where to look, but I think it'll disappear when it's washed. The next morning we tried the hat on her head without any hair clips and it fit! I took a picture so make sure you take a look at the project and see how cute she is! I cast on around 68 times to make the hat large enough for a one year old that wears 18-24 month old clothes. If Tara decides to have another baby this summer I will try either the same hat or a different one for the baby shower. Boy, what a crazy and almost horrifying weekend!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Hat

I finished the baby hat for Jeremy's niece Bella a few days ago. It turned out to be really easy to knit on the round once I got used to it. I think I really like how the stockinette stitch worked out as well. I will be looking forward to seeing if the hat fits her this coming weekend.

She has a huge head for a one year old so even though everyone said this pattern runs large, I ended up making it even bigger and casting on 68 times instead of the requested 48 and the recommended 40. I think when people see the hat they don't look at the size the hat is supposed to fit and that's why it "runs larger than it should". In fact, it runs just about the size it should for a one year old baby which is what the pattern actually says it's for. But hey, it's not like you can't adapt this pattern to fit newborns AND one year olds or even make it huge for children or adults with a little thought put into it!

In other news, I spent a little money at Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday and bought a set of crochet needles and a bit of yarn (see my stash if you want to know what I picked out.) that I've yet to decide what to do with.

I'd like to finish my blue scarf before I continue on with other projects. I can see why people end up starting multiple projects because it gets boring to work on the same project all the time. It's also really frustrating when you have to frog more than a few rows as well. This is the time when my patient, cross-stitching attitude helps because I'm used to working on the same thing for over a year and messing up a whole lot of stitches and having to go back.

My blue scarf is almost finished so I will be needing to brainstorm some new ideas for what to make next. I was thinking of either the cable hat or some dishcloths or even learn how to crochet with my new needles. I'll post again once I decide what's next.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Well hello!

I've finally decided to get a blog going for ravelry. I dunno if people really take the time to read these, but hey, it's fun to think they do! I'm very new to knitting and have only made two scarves which can be found in my finished projects area. I'm currently working on a more advanced scarf and am planning on making a hat for my boyfriend's niece's 1st birthday. The snow storm here has prevented me from going to the store to buy yarn for the hat which makes me nervous because Jeremy and I will be heading home next Friday for her birthday party. She also has a big head they say so I'm a little nervous about the hat not fitting. Well, that's the introduction to bring everyone up to date on where I am knitting-wise. Expect more posts as I keep creating and creating!

Oh, feel free to check out my portfolio site if so desired. It can be found here: